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Linux and Container VPS – What’s the Main Difference?

Wondering what the difference between Linux and Container VPS is? We’ve asked Time4VPS, hosting professionals for almost two decades, to reveal the essence of those two services. If you are a beginner in the online business or are just looking for the individually best virtual space, this article will definitely broaden your view. So, let’s get to the main point.

Shared and Private Resources

Probably the main and the most crucial difference is the use of resources. Time4VPS team explains that a high-quality Linux OS-based virtual environment works more like a dedicated space. Here, you get independent resources solely for you. That’s right – today, innovative, KVM-based cheap VPS hosting can provide you with near physical server characteristics.

Conversely, choosing a so-called container means that each member does have their own isolated space (container), but the resources are shared. Choosing Linux OS-driven, private virtual space, you can even manage the settings of a Kernel and create a perfect environment for a unique project. Still, keep in mind – it requires good programming skills.

KVM-Based and OpenVZ-Based Virtualisations

When discussing the essence of two different but partly similar environments, it’s essential to mention specific management systems. While the pro-level Linux OS plan runs on KVM-based virtualisation, the so-called containers operate based on OpenVZ virtualisation.

Simply put, the kernel-based virtual machine allows almost the same management and configuration principles as dedicated servers do. You can run multiple isolated virtual environments that are entirely customizable according to your needs. Decided to develop your website with container VPS? Seek OpenVZ virtualization. Then, your server will function as a secured, isolated container. Just with shared resources. By the way, you can also get full root access.

Different Services for Different Needs

Market specialists remind us – there is no need to oppose two different high-quality services. The main criteria for the individually best hosting plan research should be based on the type of your project. More precisely, on its’ scale, location, resources, and security level needed, finally – audience. Critical assessment of your programming skills is essential as well.

Trying to figure out which server would work out the best in your case? Seems like the only reliable way to figure it out is to reach out to the market professionals. Find a flexible, tech-community recognised hosting team that embraces your project’s growth.

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